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Fall 2022 Trainees strike a pose with a guest level 2 OHYA virtual instructor.

Opportunities After Graduating

The choice is yours! People attend yoga teacher training for many different reasons, and becoming a teacher is simply one of them. No matter the reason, YogaSteady's Teacher Training will prepare you to teach the Original Hot Yoga.

  • YogaSteady will offer limited Internship Positions at the Falls Church location after the completion of the training.
  • For additional intern opportunities, we will help you work with other OHYA-affiliated studios.

Learn to teach with passion in 270 hours

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11 Consecutive Weeks - Nights & Weekends

90+ Hours of Original Hot Yoga Practice

20+ Hours of Anatomy & Physiology

150+ Hours of Posture Clinics & Teaching Skills

10+ Hours of Professional & Personal Development


Up to 20 hours of allowed make-up sessions for missed classes and clinics at no additional cost. Life happens, we'll help you adjust.

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Perks of your training

  • 12 months of YogaSteady Unlimited In-Studio & Virtual Memberships from the time of 1st training payment.
  • Access to In-Studio Mat Storage and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies
  • Access to Course Materials: Multiple Teaching Dialogues, Anatomy & Physiology Manuals, Yoga History & Meditation Resources.
  • 25% Off In-Studio Retail and Beverages
  • Opportunities to apply for an internship at participating OHYA studios worldwide (after successful completion of the training.)
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Lump Sum

$5499 USD
  • Early Bird Discount Before June 15 2022 - $4999 (save $500!)
  • Includes 12-Month YogaSteady Unlimited In-Studio & Virtual Memberships from date of full payment.
  • Includes access to promotional "Taste of Teacher Training" events in the months leading up to the start of the training.

Payment Plan

$999 USD Down Payment
  • 10-Month Payment Plan Follows Down Payment @ $479 per month
  • Payment plan must start on or before March 1st 2023
  • Each payment installment is Non-Refundable. Certification for Internship Status is held until payment is made in full.
  • Includes a 30-day Unlimited In-Studio & Virtual Memberhip for each successful payment made.
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Interested in our yoga teacher training? let us know!

Email us to express your interest: contact@myyogasteady.com

11 Consecutive Weeks. Night's & Weekends Schedule

(with up to 20 hours of make-up sessions at no additional cost)

Sample Teacher Training Schedule (1)

YOGA: 90-Minute Original Hot Yoga Class taught by OHYA-Certified Level 2 & 3 Instructors, as well as local studio owners in the DMV. 6 classes per week; 4 scheduled classes (above,) 2 additional classes are chosen by you each week to fit your scheduling needs.

CLINIC: Educational sessions consisting of a variety of Posture Workshops, Instruction Workshops, Therapeutic Benefit Workshops, Anatomy Courses, Guided Meditation, Business Management Workshops, and Guest Speakers on a variety of yoga-related topics.



Qualified? Indeed, they are!

A variety of experts are available for your training.

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Learn About the Faculty

Swipe or click the arrows below. Updated 8/19/22. We're updating recently joined instructor bios over the weekend - check back for more information!


Jenifer and Michael


As business partners with 20+ years of combined teaching experience and 9 years of business management (sustaining through a pandemic!) Jenifer Ruschell and Michael Piepoli will oversee the entire training experience to ensure you get the most bang for your buck!


Val Sklar

Guest Instructor

Val Sklar discovered the Original Hot Yoga when she was 27 years old after months of discomfort from degenerative arthritis in her right hip joint (caused by a broken hip at the age of 13). As the founder of the OHYA and owner of Hot Yoga Pasadena in California, she'll teach a class and her signature Clinic: Effective OHY Teaching.


Christopher Totaro, LMT

Guest Instructor

Not only has Chris been practicing and teaching the OHY at many studios across the country for many years, he is also the owner of Deep Root Massage in Austin, TX and the creator of this training's featured 20-hour Clinic: Key Anatomical Concepts for Yoga


Donna Rubin

Guest Instructor

Donna Rubin is a co-founder and instructor at bodenyc (3 locations in Manhattan.) She has been teaching yoga for 25 years and is certified in Bikram Yoga, Ishta Yoga, Barkan Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Donna will also present her Clinic: How to Give and Receive Feedback as a Teacher, and IRL.


Adrian Hummell

Lead Instructor

Adrian’s wish is to guide you through your own self-discovery and provide a stepping stone for you to reach your potential. As a Lead Instructor, Adrian will be a staple face at this training, teaching weekly classes and clinics.


Fiorella Sanchez, RN, BSN

Lead Instructor

Born and raised in Peru, Fi found her passion for health and wellness at a young age and pursued her yoga certification in Fall of 2011 immediately after graduating from college. She loves to see how her students transform their bodies when consistent with the practice. Fi will teach both classes and posture clinics for this training.

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Antonia LeNguyen

Guest Instructor

Having taught, owned, and operated multiple successful yoga studios in the area, Antonia is a household name around Northern Virginia. Her yoga expertise is as informed as it is broad, ranging from Hot, Vinyasa, Rocket, and more. You'll definitely see her around the studio this Fall!


Emily Vendemmia

Guest Instructor

Emily is the owner of True Moon Yoga in Annapolis, MD. She's a fantastic teacher, a fierce practitioner, and an incredible mother. From the beginning of her teaching career, Emily has focused on developing her students’ and teachers’ physical strength as well as growing a supportive and caring community for all. Lucky for us, she'll be popping by the studio to teach an OHY class and Clinic: Strength and Flexibility Homework.


Kendra Blackett-Dibinga

Guest Instructor

As an owner of BikramYogaWorks (3 studios in the DMV,) Kendra strives to provide an exceptional experience from the moment you walk into her studios until you leave their doors. She prides her team on making their tight-knit community feel like family. Kendra will be swinging by this teacher training to teach the Original Hot Yoga and will share her exceptional wisdom in a Clinic: Best Business Practices in 2022.


Jose Noda

Guest Instructor

Jose is the neighboring owner of Beyond Hot Yoga in Centerville, VA, and he's popping in to teach a class at YogaSteady during this training!


Marsha D. Banks-Harold

Guest Speaker

Marsha excels in many things, and training teachers is just one of them. Her solid business, Pies Fitness Yoga Studio of Alexandria, VA has survived the pandemic and is relocating to a new space near Old Town! At this training, she'll be teaching a special Clinic: Yoga Therapy for the 26&2.


Angela Heubner, PhD., LMFT, PC

Guest Speaker

Not only is Angela a long-time OHY student, she's also a local therapist with a practice in Falls Church, VA. In her teacher training Clinic: Taming your Inner World, Angela will guide us through the multiplicities of our minds - those various parts of ourselves that seem to have competing interests. Some are cheerleaders, some are critics. Some make us anxious, others get us moving. Based on an empirically based treatment model, and the latest discoveries in neuroscience, this clinic will teach you how to begin to befriend your inner world—helping all your parts to work together for your greatest good. As you will learn, it’s all about secure attachment, both within ourselves and with others.


Christine Wilson

Guest Speaker

We can't say enough about Christine and her digital media firm, MtoM Consulting. Christine is a huge reason why YogaSteady is able to produce this premiere teacher training. She'll be dropping by the training to present her Clinic: Marketing Tools for the Digital Age, an incredible back-end view on how to easily represent yourself in today's rapidly growing social media landscape.


James Cigliano

Guest Speaker

If you practice at YogaSteady, you've probably seen James sweating and stretching next to you with the smartest yoga apparel and accessories on the market. In James's Clinic: Building your Brand, he'll cover the basics of how the first 20-second impression of any interaction can make or break long-term success. 


Anita Tadavarthy, MAcOM, LAc

Guest Speaker

Featured on NBC DC, Anita is a long-time holistic medicine practitioner with a practice that has spanned coast-to-coast and continent-to-continent. Her business, Empirical Grace Acupuncture, is home to many students of YogaSteady. She's floating by this training to present her Clinic: Meditation & Holistic Medicine.

Your personal yoga practice changes when you become a teacher. Once you begin to teach other people's bodies, you experience yourself in a new way - Michael, Producer

Hear from a recent OHYA TT Graduate!


YogaSteady chooses the Original Hot Yoga Association for this training!

(OHYA - just say “OH YEAH!”)

This OHYA Approved Teacher Training will ensure that the next generation of Original Hot Yoga teachers are qualified and committed to offering studios and students high quality and effective 26 & 2 teaching. OHYA is committed to the standards they've established to create highly trained teachers that can excel and easily integrate into 26 & 2 studios.

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Become an Original Hot Yoga Teacher

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