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Yoga Student

I have always thought that Online Yoga is not for me, although I have practiced different styles of yoga over 10 years. And I’m so happy that I gave it a try at YogaSteady. Thank you Michael, Jenifer and Hannah for making me fall in love with 26&2! Also I would compliment your Yoga App, it is simple and efficient, easy to book a class, love it.



Remote Virtual Yoga Student

YogaSteady is simply amazing! As a remote Massachusetts yogi, I find Jen and Michael to be exceptionally skilled, responsive, and caring managers, who value their clients and promote safety and good health. It is awe-inspiring to see your body's progression, adapting to the postures that lead to proper alignment. All yogis become a part of their 'family'. You can expect to smile more, to feel more healthy and happy...every...single...day!

Dan's Student Testimonial


Online Student

I moved to Western PA and have been practicing at home with Yoga Steady for the past 3-years. Although having a hot room is nice, I would not consider it required to achieve benefits from my yoga practice. Jen and Michael provide real time feedback that is extremely helpful. I highly recommend Yoga Steady's virtual yoga option.

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