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YogaSteady's mission is to offer quality hot yoga instruction to Northern Virginia. Our vision is to expand beyond the borders of one brick-and-mortar location to offer virtual services and retreats around the county.

Hot yoga instructors and owners of YogaSteady, Michael and Jennifer

Hi, we're Jenifer & Michael

We each started practicing a well-known style of yoga around 2005 and immediately experienced the amazing life-changing benefits, but we didn’t meet until many years later in 2014 when we began to run bricks-and-mortar hot yoga studios across Northern Virginia.

We knew that yoga, in general, has helped millions of people improve their quality of life. We felt deeply it was our responsibility to share it with others. We passionately believe in the daily and immediate healing that yoga can bring to all kinds of people, backgrounds, and body types who want to show up for themselves.

As we reflect on our journey, our hearts swell with gratitude for the community of yoga practitioners that we’ve met along the way.


Learn About our Staff


Jenifer and Michael


As business partners with 20+ years of combined teaching experience and 9 years of business management (sustaining through a pandemic!) Jenifer Ruschell and Michael Piepoli will oversee all operations at YogaSteady. Feel free to email them aside to say hi, anytime!



Virtual Instructor

Adrian’s wish is to guide you through your own self-discovery and provide a stepping stone for you to reach your potential.

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Virtual Instructor

Hannah is a mom and yoga teacher who loves life! Nothing makes her happier than her family, food and yoga. She is currently studying Nutritional Therapy and hopes to be able to help make the world a better place by helping to heal people with food (and, of course, yoga!)

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Intern Instructor

Kimberly-Teboho has practiced the Original Hot Yoga for almost 2 years, and she credits regular, intense practice of the 26&2 sequence with healing.  She recently graduated from The YogaSteady Original Hot Yoga Teacher Training and she is currently an OHYA intern working towards her Level 1 Seal. 

Original Hot Yoga Instructor


Virtual Instructor

Ashley graduated from Hot Yoga Richmond's official Original Hot Yoga Association Teacher Training program in the Winter of 2022. She has practiced the Original Hot Yoga for over 7 years and decided to become a teacher to gain a better understanding of the postures and how they effect the body, mind, and spirit.

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Virtual Instructor

Melody has been practicing for over 15 years. She recently graduated from YogSteady OHYA Teacher Training and she is thrilled to be an intern and to share this healing practice with the students of our studio. 

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Virtual Instructor

Laura graduated from YogaSteady Original Hot Yoga Teacher Training on November 20, 2022. She is an OHYA Intern working towards her Level 1 Seal. 

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Virtual Instructor

Before practicing this yoga, Bethel suffered from allergies, shoulder pain, and knee pain.  After practicing consistently for a month her allergies went away, and the pain in her joints went away. It was like magic! 
It is Bethel's mission to share this magic with the rest of the world.  No matter where life takes her, one thing she knows for sure is that she will practice and teach Bikram Yoga (the Original Hot Yoga) for a lifetime!

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Virtual Instructor

Aquina worked as a Karma Yogi for our yoga studios until the closure of the Alexandria location. She is a very dedicated practitioner and loves to teach.

Student Testimonial

Following two total hip replacements, two foot surgeries, and a host of other excuses, I did not think I would ever return to yoga. After following all the instructions of my orthopedic surgeon regarding recovery, I mustered up the nerve to try a 90-minute class again. It was a revelation. Now, at age 64, I'm back at my practice and loving it. I'm getting more benefits from the practice now than I ever did. I can see real progress in my struggle to improve balance, strength, and stamina.

Happily, none of my yoga activities have been impeded by my various surgeries, and I do not suffer any pain. In fact, in addition to the satisfaction of exercising, I have increased tranquility and patience. If you knew me, you would know that both those things are sorely needed. Naturally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the support provided by the studio owners and the YogaSteady staff. They make taking yoga classes rewarding and encourage each small increment of improvement. I plan to continue my practice for many years.

Testimonial About Us

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