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Hello Virginia Public School Staff!

At YogaSteady we value the front-line workers that keep our country, state, and county moving forward. We've seen you flow from one strategy to the next, week after week, all while being in the spotlight of political circus acts.

You've demonstrated incredible flexibility, strength, and leadership for the future of America. You are the backbone of our communities.

YogaSteady says thank you! Please allow us to help keep you healthy and strong by offering you discounted rates on our hot & warm yoga class sessions.

All Levels of Yoga Practioners Welcomed

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Offering Hot & Warm Beginner Classes

Original Hot Yoga

90-minute class; Same postures performed every time

Designed for beginners; The yoga room is heated to 105°


Warm Vinyasa Yoga

60-minute class; Posture sequences change class-to-class

Designed for all levels of practitioner; The yoga room is heated to 90°


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Benefits of a frequent heated yoga practice

  • Healing and Prevention of Injuries of the back and knees
  • Better Sleep
  • Reduced Stress Levels
  • Weight Loss and Maintenance
  • Regulation of Blood Pressure
  • Glowing Skin
  • Self-Realization

Try a Class

Free Class
  • Simply create a free account through our booking sotware by clicking the button below. After that, you'll be able to schedule your class through the same software.
  • Bring your school badge to present to the front desk staff at the studio
  • Bring your colleagues to practice with you!


$49 4 classes
  • $12.25 per class
  • Pay $49 for 4 classes that automatically renew every 30 days, or after using the 4th class, whichever comes first.
  • Classes that are not used 30 days from the date of being charged are "lost" and cannot be rolled over to the next month.
  • Cancel anytime with advanced notice! No long-term commitment required.
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Sample Yoga Class Schedule

Class times are subject to change. Click here for our current live schedule.

Class Schedule


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Learn About our Faculty

OHY = Original Hot Yoga  WVY = Warm Vinyasa Yoga

Swipe or click the arrows below to scroll through our staff


Jenifer and Michael


As business partners with 20+ years of combined teaching experience and 9 years of business management (sustaining through a pandemic!) Jenifer Ruschell and Michael Piepoli will oversee all operations at YogaSteady. Feel free to pull them aside to say hi, anytime!


Adrian Hummell

OHY & WVY Instructor

Adrian’s wish is to guide you through your own self-discovery and provide a stepping stone for you to reach your potential.

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Hannah Kauffman

OHY Instructor

Hannah is a mom and yoga teacher who loves life! Nothing makes her happier than her family, food and yoga. She is currently studying Nutritional Therapy and hopes to be able to help make the world a better place by helping to heal people with food (and, of course, yoga!)

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Hannah Wojszynski

WVY Instructor

Hannah joined the YogaSteady teaching team in the Fall of 2021 after taking an Original Hot Yoga class for the first time. Her warm vinyasa classes are thoughtful and encouraging.

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Ashley Wierzbicki

OHY Instructor

Ashley graduated from Hot Yoga Richmond's official Original Hot Yoga Association Teacher Training program in the Winter of 2022. She has practiced the Original Hot Yoga for over 7 years and decided to become a teacher to gain a better understanding of the postures and how they effect the body, mind, and spirit.

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Kimberly Lalley

OHY Instructor

Kimberly graduated Bikram's Teacher Training in 2008, and has been teaching all over the country and the world since then. She is also a military veteran, having served for over 20 years. One thing you may notice about Kimberly is her authentic personality as soon as she walks into a room. We're grateful to have Kimberly on the team.

Caylen Beight

WVY Instructor

As a high school teacher, Caylen takes advantage of her summers off by trying new experiences. She has recently gained her yoga teacher certificate, so this past summer her put her certificate to work and spent most of her 2021 summer teaching yoga to children. She believes that yoga has so many amazing benefits for practitioners, and watching the children grow throughout the course of the summer was truly inspiring. 


Fiorella Sanchez

OHY Instructor

Born and raised in Peru, Fi found her passion for health and wellness at a young age and pursued her yoga certification in Fall of 2011 immediately after graduating from college. She loves to see how her students transform their bodies when consistent with the practice.

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David Galan

OHY Instructor

David has taught Hot Yoga in many different awesome places worldwide. His class is sweet and melodic. His full-time job is designing video games.

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Antonia LeNguyen

OHY & WVY Instructor

Having taught, owned, and operated multiple successful yoga studios in the area, Antonia is a household name around Northern Virginia. Her yoga expertise is as informative as it is broad, ranging from Hot, Vinyasa, Rocket, and more.

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Chandra Herndon

WVY Instructor

Chandra is a certified yoga instructor (RYT500) with a passion for connecting muscle movement with yoga for maintenance and optimal performance. With her love of sports and physical activities, her personal experience as a runner and basketball player, and her passion for yoga, she fully understands the demands that working out can put on the body as well as the needs of various body types in injury recovery, prevention, and training.

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Bethel Soto

OHY Instructor

Before practicing this yoga, Bethel suffered from allergies, shoulder pain, and knee pain.  After practicing consistently for a month her allergies went away, and the pain in her joints went away. It was like magic! 
It is Bethel's mission to share this magic with the rest of the world.  No matter where life takes her, one thing she knows for sure is that she will practice and teach Bikram Yoga (the Original Hot Yoga) for a lifetime!

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Manolo Vasquez

OHY Instructor

In 2008, after much persuasion, Manolo attended his first-ever yoga class at Bikram Yoga Falls Church (now YogaSteady.)
Since ’08, it has been the only yoga system he’s practiced. He devoted himself to Bikram Yoga to combat hypertension caused by tremendous weight gain, damage to his knees and spine from a car accident, as well as for the positive effects the practice had on his mental health.

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Guest Instructors

YogaSteady frequently brings in special guest instructors to help take your practice to the next level! Look for them on our schedule!

Have you thought about becoming a hot yoga teacher?

Hear from one of our recent Teacher Training Grads!


YogaSteady chooses the Original Hot Yoga Association.

(OHYA - just say “OH YEAH!”)

OHYA ensures that the next generation of Original Hot Yoga teachers are qualified and committed to offering studios and students high quality and effective 26 & 2 teaching. OHYA is committed to the standards they've established to create highly trained teachers that can excel and easily integrate into 26 & 2 studios.

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Come try a class! You'll be happy you did!

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