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A Night to Remember: Celebrating Together

Welcome to the dedicated page for my upcoming evening of celebration, connection, and culinary delight! As we gather to mark this special occasion, every detail has been thoughtfully curated to ensure an unforgettable experience for my esteemed guests. Here, you'll find everything you need to know for the evening - from the intricacies of the menu prepared by our renowned chef, to the rhythm of the night's entertainment, and the essential logistics to ensure a smooth arrival and departure. So, scroll down, immerse yourself in the details, and let the anticipation begin. We can't wait to share this remarkable evening with you!


A Night of Culinary Glamour

Friday, Sept 1st

6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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McGowan Residence 

43564 Tuckaway Place

Leesburg, VA  20176

We have the pleasure of celebrating at the residence of Julie & Murph (Michael) McGowan, graced by their delightful daughter Lily. Grandmom Lorraine happens to live there, too! Their home is not only designed for grand gatherings but also offers a beautiful vista of the Potomac River.

Gate Entry:
For a seamless arrival, have your photo ID at the ready. Inform the gatekeeper of your first and last name, and that you're visiting Michael McGowan using the provided address.

Elegantly line your vehicles along Tuckaway Pl. Should the night inspire you to stay in the nearby opulence of a hotel, we only request you to collect your vehicle before 10:00 a.m. the following morning. You may, however, receive a warning ticket on your car (not a legitimate ticket). Just a heads up!

Meet Your Fellow Guests

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Uh oh . . . something doesn't seem quite right?

Darn. Looks like AI got ahold of your bios and created an image of you that it felt was appropriate. Looks like we'll have to sort it out at the party with GUESS WHO: AI EDITION


Important note: For security and privacy reasons, no personally identifiable information or photos were given to AI to create this game. I curated your bios and replaced proper nouns/location references/job titles with vague information. 

-- Michael

Vibes & Entertainment: Sizzle, Sparkle, & Swing!

Dive into an unforgettable evening designed to delight all your senses. Kick things off with a masterful Cooking Class & Demonstration led by the renowned Chef Jon Krinn.


Think you know your fellow guests? Test your intuition with our custom icebreaker, GUESS WHO: AI EDITION.


As we indulge in laughter and camaraderie, let the iconic Billboard tunes of 1983 sway your spirits.


And remember, tonight is all about flaunting those "fabulous things you want to wear but never feel you have the opportunity to." Let your style shine as bright as your smile!

Your Contribution to a Memorable Evening

Dear Guests,


As we look forward to our delightful dining experience together, I kindly request that you send your contribution of $150 for the evening's culinary journey to my Venmo account. Your support will ensure we all relish an unforgettable night with Chef Jon Krinn's exquisite creations.


Additionally, in appreciation of Chef Jon's dedication and expertise, we encourage you to bring a cash tip of at least $25. This will be a heartfelt gesture, directly given to him at the close of our evening, celebrating his talent and the hard work of his assistant, Chef Greg.


Thank you for understanding and for making this gathering truly special.


Warm Regards,





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